Leader of the bloc of Lytvyn called a political situation in Ukraine as “disarrayed” and called upon his party colleagues to decide on position concerning participation in the future parliamentary coalition. He stated on Saturday in Zhytomyr at a conference of the Zhytomyr regional organization of his bloc.

Lytvyn thinks that the reason of this is the attempt of politicians to solve the problem not on the basis of laws but on the basis of agreements.

“Characterizing today’s political situation in Ukraine, I would say that it is disarrayed and the country is unbalanced,” he noted.

He is sure that the problem of the coalition is the problem of the Prime Minister’s appointment.

At the same time, Lytvyn noted that he doesn’t understand the question on bloc of Lytvyn’s joining the parliamentary coalition.

“We can take part in the coalition formation, but not in the joining the coalition,” he said.

“If politicians want to form the coalition, they should invite people and include them in the working group which could formulate principles on the basis of which the coalition will be formed,” Lytvyn added.

According to him, his party colleagues “are ready to take part in such work, first of all, for the purpose to use a possibility to proclaim their principles”.


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