Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoly Hrytsenko congratulated militaries, workers and veterans of Armed Forces of Ukraine on their professional holiday – Day of Rocket forces and artillery.

On November 3 Ukraine marks 10th anniversary of Rocket forces and artillery of Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“This holiday is dedicated to one of the grandest operations on the territory of Ukraine during the World War II. On this day in 1943 emancipation of Ukraine’s capital from German fascist aggressors was started. During emancipation the biggest artillery was involved,” the Defense Minister reminded.

Artillerymen by their brave and courage added a vivid page of valour and courage to chronicle of people’s glory, obtained national honour and respect and got glorious name for their forces –“God of the war”.

Hrytsenko noted that on the modern way of development of Armed Forces of Ukraine, Rocket forces and artillery plays leading role as one of the main parts of Land forces.

Hrytsenko congratulated militaries, workers, veterans and their families on this holiday and thanked for their honest military service, wisdom and experience, significant contribution to provision of national interests of the country.


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