Ihor Kryl and Vasyl Petevka will sign a coalition agreement with the BYuT on Monday.

As the press service of the “OU-PSD” bloc informs, member of the OU-PSD Ihor Kryl has stated: “To my mind, it is not a sensation that I and my colleague Vasyl Petevka has not yet signed the obligation to enter the “OU-PSD” faction in the parliament of the sixth convocation and the coalition agreement with the BYuT”.

Also, he added: “There is no legislative term for this document signing. It can be signed tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in a week or even on the day of the first session of the new parliament work”.

“My colleague Vasyl Petevka is away on business. He will be in Kyiv on Monday. And we will sign this document. We have agreed so,” Kryl assured.


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