Deputy chairman of the BYuT leader Mykola Tomenko hopes that rejections of three members of “Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense” bloc to sign an agreement on the democratic coalition formation is determined by technical reasons. He stated, commenting on the rejection of the OU-PSD members Ivan Plyushch, Ihor Kryl and Vasyl Petevka to sign the coalition agreement.

“We consider such rejection only as a technical problem,” he said.

He has reminded that the President of Ukraine called upon all members of the BYuT and the OU-PSD to sign the coalition agreement. That’s why, according to him, it would be very strange if “key persons from the President’s environment” do not support the political position of the Head of the Sate.

Tomenko is sure that in the near future all members of the OU-PSD will sign the agreement on the democratic collation formation.

In another case it will be as the direct non-fulfillment of the President’s directions and as a factual confirmation of thesis, that took place in the mass media that Ivan Plyushch and Viktor Baloha behind President’s back form the wide coalition,” he said.


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