On October 30 the National congress of the Republic of Ecuador adopted a resolution by which the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine was recognized as an act of genocide of the Ukrainian people. Chairman of the subcommittee on interparliamentary relations, bilateral and multilateral relations of the foreign affairs Committee of the VRU of the fifth convocation Oksana Bilozir informed.

As it is noted in the statement, the parliament of Ecuador also shows solidarity with the Ukrainian people, noted that following of principles of justice, freedom, democracy and mutual respect, which must be the basis in the relations between the countries in order such phenomena as Holodomor in Ukraine doesn’t repeat again.
Ecuador is the second country after Peru, the parliament of which recognized Holodomor in Ukraine as an act of genocide of the Ukrainian people.

11 countries have already recognized Holodomor in Ukraine.


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