The Head of the President’s Secretariat Viktor Baloha stated that it is inadmissible to make any pressure on the Head of the State Viktor Yushchenko. The ForUm reports referring to the president’s press office.

Baloha said that there is an increase of critical statements and comments concerning some actions and announcements of the President Viktor Yushchenko.

According to Baloha, the reason of such active critics of politicians from the second echelon of leading political forces is the aspiration to strengthen their position at eve of formation of the coalition majority an to create a basis for their inner party tasks.

Baloha is convinced that critics as an instrument of political process is very important democratic norm that helps find optimal decision solution. “The President becomes very often an object of critical statements. He considers different from his opinions very attentively but only when such opinions and critics are grounded,” Baloha noted.

Baloha has noted once more that it is inadmissible to make pressure on the President when he is realizing constructive prerogatives.

“The Head of the country will always follow Ukraine’s interests, Constitution and laws, but not parties’ programs or slogans. Nobody will prevent him to act in such a way even if his position does not coincide with some politicians.


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