Candidate for People’s deputy from the Party of Regions Vasyl Khara considers that is case Yulia Tymoshenko becomes a Prime Minister of Ukraine, relations between Russia and Ukraine will be worsened, that will contribute to gas price increase. He said that today in an interview.

“Moreover, I would not give more that bad mark for activity of the head of the State. Now we have tense relations with Russia through fault of the President and his people. If Yulia Tymoshenko is a PM, relations with Russia will become even worse,” he said.

Khara is convinced that President’s intention to NATO will make Ukraine an enemy of Russia. “I personally consider that NATO is a method of the President to make Ukraine an enemy of Russia,” he noted.

According to him, Ukraine has normal relations only with Georgia, Poland, Latvia but it is too little for normal foreign-policy course of the country.


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