Leader of “OU-PSD” bloc Yury Lutsenko considers that the decision on re-election of Kyiv mayor can be adopted by the parliament in December. So mayor elections can be held in early 2008. Lutsenko said that in an interview.

"It is obvious that the first parliament session will not start on November 15. I think the decision on re-elections of Kyiv mayor can be taken by the parliament in mid December,” Lutsenko said.

According to him, it is necessary to divide a position of head of Kyiv city administration and Kyiv mayor.

Moreover, Lutsenko noted that changes in the law must foresee two tours of elections in all cities of regional submission. It is not our know-how, it is done so in the whole world. In such a way the candidate from democratic forces will have chance to have 70% result to mayor elections.


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