Head of the representative of UNO to Ukraine Francis O’Donnell considers it is necessary to cancel moratorium on land sale. He stated that in an interview to newspaper “24”.

According to him, for this it is necessary to hold constitutional changes, to reform material right concerning land property.

“But first of all it is necessary to have an integrate system of land cadastre and registration of right of property that will be based on modern technologies and public access to this information,” he said.

O’Donnell noted that Ukrainian economic is being developed fast but at the same time the gap between city and village is being increased. City gets more benefits from investments than agrarian regions where situation is decreasing because of absence of land market.

As a reminder, the VRU prolonged moratorium on sale-purchase of farm land up to January 2008. Moratorium can be cancelled only by adoption of law on state land cadastre and on land market.


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