The Defense Minister of the USA Robert Gates considers that Ukraine’s accession to NATO is not a question of near perspective. He said that in an interview to radio “Svoboda” .

“I think it is not a question of near perspective. There is an interest to join NATO but also significant anti-NATO opposition in Ukraine. That’s why I think it is necessary to see how events will be developed,” he said.

He also explained why the USA considers the Russia its strategic partner. “I think we must consider Russia our strategic partner unless there are grounds to consider vice versa. In some spheres Russian plays constructive role. We must keep cooperating with Russia and try to persuade it in those issues we have divergences,” he said.

He noted that one cant compare relations between Russia and the USA during the times of the “cold” war with those we have now.

“There are spheres we cooperate and there is nothing like global competition and conflict,” Robert Gates added.


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