One of the methods of influence “oranges” in case they break laws can be blockage of podium in the VRU. The first deputy chairman of Party of Regions faction Vasyl Kiselev said in an interview to ForUm’s correspondent.

“I can only confirm and support words of my colleague Myroshnychenko that in case newly elected people’s deputies from “orange” force ignore laws and the Constitution, we will find methods of counteractions,” he stressed. According to him, these methods can include blockage of parliamentary podium and People’s deputies resignation. It is one of the methods of influence.

At the same time, Kiselev noted that PR did not intend to do so but it may be an alternative to cool their “hot heads”. He also reminded that when it was favorable for “oranges” they had resigned and destroyed VRU of Vth convocation. Now they say it is impossible. “It is possible!” he said.

Kiselev called all political forces to obey one law for everyone. Then there will be order in the country and work in the VRU,” he said.


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