Viktor Baloha, President Viktor Yushchenko’s top aide, said on Thursday this week’s agreement initialed by Yulia Tymoshenko (BYuT) and Vyacheslav Kyrylenko (Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense) showed that these two political forces were determined to form a new government. He, however, insisted that their obligations and promises must be “impeccably legal and realistic.”, president's press office reported 

Baloha said they had won the September 30 parliamentary election, “called to treat corruption and irresponsibility in government,” and must now "show the people an example of renewal." “There must be no gram of bluff in their actions,” he said.

He described several clauses of their agreement as an “encroachment” upon Viktor Yushchenko’s constitutional prerogatives and said some of their electoral promises, whose fulfillment seems improbable, had been omitted in it. He added that BYuT and Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense had incorporated a list of their differences into the agreement, urging the nation not to be deceived by this “maneuver.”

Baloha called plans by BYuT to abolish compulsory military service and pay off the USSR Bank’s debt without triggering inflation “too brave.” He said with sarcasm the coalition could ask stage magician David Copperfield for help but added that “responsible politicians should use sensible approaches.”

He called on the coalition to look for allies and give more rights and powers to the opposition, as their lead is too narrow to be confident and implement their plans to make each deputy vote individually. He also insisted that the two parties must adhere to the constitution when proposing and passing their first package of laws.


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