Foreign Minister of Ukraine Arseny Yatsenyuk is convinced that new government of Ukraine will develop cooperation with the Russian Federation. Yatsenyuk said that at joint conference with Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov after negotiations of official delegations of Ukraine and Russia with participation of heads of border regions of two countries.

“Any reasonable government of Ukraine will support partnership with the Russian Federation. It is like a formula: to get the result it is necessary to know initial data that are very simple – the longest boarder is with Russian, half of Ukrainians speak Russian, the biggest turnover among CIS countries is with Russia, 25% of Ukrainians have relatives in Russia, gas and oil –also Russia,” he said.

According to him, these are basic principles of relations development with any country.

“Thus, regardless of any governmnet of Ukraine, cooperation with the nearest neighbour is absolute adequate,” he added.


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