Russia is ready to cooperate with any government of Ukraine, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated that.

“I hope that our partners will intend to develop cooperation with Russia regardless of what government will be formed in Ukraine,” Putin said.
Referring to statistic data, Putin has said that there are 17 million of ethnic Russians in Ukraine and about 4 million of Ukrainians are in Russian Federation. “Social life of Russians and Ukrainians directly depend on relations between our two countries,” he said.

According to him, relations between Russia and Ukraine must be developed on modern, pragmatic base with consideration of mutual interests.

“If we speak about energy recourses, of course relations must be formed on the market basis. Backing of Ukrainian economy by means of low prices for energy resources made USD 3-5 milliard annually. Ukraine did not have and will never have such support from any other country,” Putin noted.

Putin also noted that Russia also applies market pricing within the country.


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