President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko Viktor Yushchenko has signed a decree “On urgent measures on solving consequences of emergency situation in Dnipropetrovsk.”

According to the decree, published on president’s press office, in order to liquidate consequences of emergency situation, caused by explosion of natural gas on October 13 in Dnipropetrovsk resulting in human victims, destructions of houses and damage of citizens property, the President charged the Cabinet of Ukraine within two days to work out and approve a complex plan of measures to liquidate the situation.

The government is charged to analyze reasons of gas explosion and to take measures on institutions of criminal proceedings against guilty persons.

Moreover, the Cabinet is charged to take urgent measures on solving problems on consequences liquidation, in particular: moving out of people from destroyed, damaged flats and houses to houses for temporal living; liquidation of abstractions, caused by gas explosion; provision of order in district of explosion and provision of technical inspection of gas distributing networks and proper control for work of heat and gas distribution in regions of Ukraine.

The decree also charges the Prosecutor General’s Office to provide control for in-depth and objective investigation of case, instituted on fact of gas explosion.

As a reminder, on October 13 about 11 a.m. Dnipropetrovsk had suffered from natural gas explosion. As a result of gas explosion a section of a block of flats in Dnipropetrovsk was destroyed. The blast also damaged seven one stored and two multi-stored buildings.

According to data of Emergency Ministry, 14 persons were killed, 17 persons were hospitalized. 8 people are in search. Fortune of 20 people who could be in this house during explosion is still unknown.


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