Explosion in apartment house in Dnipropetrovsk is defined as State emergency situation. Emergency Minister of Ukraine Nestor Shufrych said that on Sunday at a briefing.

According to him, it is emergency situation of the State level on number of suffered people and sum of caused damages.

He has informed that it is very difficult situation because of very intensive ruins. He also has noted that on the place of tragedy there is enough vehicles and stuff of Emergency Ministry together with rescuers and police who are working on liquidation of consequences.

On Sunday the decision was made to let peoplein their flats of another two survived blocks of half destroyed house in order they take necessary things. After that flats were sealed.
As a reminder, on October 13 about 11 a.m. Dnipropetrovsk had suffered from natural gas explosion. As a result of gas explosion a section of a block of flats in Dnipropetrovsk was destroyed. The blast also damaged seven one stored and two multi-stored buildings.

According to data of Emergency Ministry, 14 persons were killed, 17 persons were hospitalized. 8 people are in search. Fortune of 20 people who could be in this house during explosion is still unknown.


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