On October 13 about 11 a.m. Dnipropetrovsk had suffered from natural gas explosion. As a result of gas explosion a section of a block of flats in Dnipropetrovsk was destroyed. The blast also damaged seven one-stored and two multi-stored buildings.

According to data of Emergency Ministry, 14 persons were killed, 17 persons were hospitalized, 8 people are in search. Fortune of 20 people who could be in this house during explosion is still unknown.

About 60 vehicles and thousand of people are involved in liquidation of emergency situation.

President Viktor Yushchenko immediately ordered Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych to start an investigation on the causes of the tragedy and help its victims. He sent his condolences to those who were injured in the blast and to the families of those who were killed.

For fulfillment of special governmental commission under the management of vice PM Andry Klyuyev, on the place of tragedy there is a headquarters on consequences liquidations under the head of the first deputy Minister of Emergency Volodymyr Antonets. UAH 5 million are allocated from reserved fund, UAH 1 million - from region budget and UAH 3.5 million from city budget.

Emergency Minister Nestor Shufrych addressed to all national TV channels with request to broadcast number of settlement account for money transfer for suffered in explosion people by scrolling text: “Ощадбанк”, 260083015278, код 305482.


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