People’s deputy from Party of Regions Taras Chornovil doubts that coalition will be formed among PR, BYuT and OU. He said that in an exclusive interview to ForUm.

“I think possibility of formation such coalition is too low. Today Party of Regions observes confrontations between BYuT and “Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense” bloc. Both blocs would like to form “orange” coalition but wish to get maximum and do not want to compromise. Both blocs try to find some contact with Party of Regions to incline it to their advantage. But we do not intend to pay dirty games “BYuT against OU” or “OU against BYuT”,” Chornovil said.

According to him, Party of Regions is ready to form grand coalition but not with purpose to make mischief someone from this “sweet pair”. Now they have open war,” he added.

He opined that everything may lead to no coalition at all. Ukraine will work in “suspended” condition. “And in a year, as the Constitution foresees, there may be next early parliamentary elections,” Chornovil concluded.

He is convinced that relations between BYuT and OU are in blind alley. “Yushchenko demands BYuT to give the whole power to the President. He wants to make Ukraine not only presidential but multi-presidential. Yushchenko will make Tymoshenko Prime Minister only if NSDC has power to control the government and NSDC decisions are obligatory for Cabinet. In turn Tymoshenko wants to form government and to rule it and does not want to listen to the president’s words concerning 2005 was Tymoshenko’s mistake. After such statements I cant believe in cooperation between BYuT and “Our Ukraine”.

Chornovil sees two ways out of this situation: “one of these forces will join us and will work with PR or we will work by current government and power in “suspended” condition.”

“I do not believe in something long under management of Yulia Tynoshenko on the one side and Yushchenko on the other. There is a confrontation between them, many ambitions and no thought about the State,” he said.


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