President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko hopes that the orange coalition will not repeat the mistakes of 2005. He said at the meeting with Slovakia’s politicians and business leaders in Bratislava on Thursday.

Yushchenko emphasized that according to the democratic election, Ukraine obtained good result, which is the most acceptable – the democratic coalition gained a victory and would form the coalition soon.

Answering the questions, Yushchenko noted that he was not guilty that there were misunderstandings among the oranges in 2005, on the contrary, he made everything possible in order these not to happen.

The ‘orange’ coalition had more chances now to “pass the test.” He said the democrats had made quite many mistakes in the past because of their ambitions and private interests. “Today we must allow no things that were in the mistakes made by the democrats and in relations between the democratic forces and their opponents,” he said.

The President said Ukraine’s elections were often like a “political war whose rule is ‘Take no captives’.” He said this policy was aimed at “mutual destruction.” “I am not the author of such policy. I will not accept it. This is the biggest harm that can be done to Ukrainian stability,” he said.

Yushchenko said Ukrainian politicians should learn to see one another as opponents, not enemies, and described the Verkhovna Rada as the “best place for political dialogue.” He urged the country’s political leaders to unite and added that last month’s victory of the democratic forces would make Ukraine closer to the EU.


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