The “Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense” bloc and the bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko have formed joint working groups to create a new version of the Law on “On the Cabinet of Ministers”. The OU- PSD bloc’s member Mykola Onishchuk said. ForUm’s reports, referring to the website of OU-PSD.

“The new version of the law takes into consideration the President’s propositions which he has submitted to the VRU before. It’s well known that the President vetoed this law and submitted his propositions to the parliament. But the President’s propositions were declined, in fact, without discussion, in spite of most of them were worth examining”, Onishchuk said.

Onishchuk also informed that “all the propositions are taken into consideration in the new draft law”.

“Firstly, all unconstitutional regulations have been excluded. In particular, these are coalition’s right to nominate candidacy of the prime minister on its own as well as its right to nominate candidacies of the Foreign Minister and the Defense Minister and recalling from the posts. The regulations will be changed to constitutional ones in the new version of the law”.

Onishchuk also said that “the draft law also includes regulations renewing the right of the Defense and Security Council to adopt decrees obligatory to be fulfilled by the Cabinet of Ministry”.

“The new version of the law provides number of important points in relations between the President and the government concerning countersign. In particular, it provides the rule that the President issues decrees for the Cabinet of Ministry and the Cabinet’s Members can’t reject implementation of a countersigned decree”, he said.

“To my mind, taking into account that majority of the regulations, which I told you about, adjust the law in accordance with the Constitution, the possibility of its adoption is rather high. The law is the one to be examined during the first days of the VRU work”.


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