“The Our Ukraine –People’s Self-defense bloc intends to form only one coalition. That is the coalition of democratic forces with the BYuT”, chairman of the OU-PSD political council Vyacheslav Kyrylenko stated.

Answering the question on possible fact that the PR will not participate in the new parliament’s work, Kyrylenko noticed: “There must be weighty reasons for refusing to swear. I should remind that factions of the OU-PSD and the BYuT deprived authorities of their deputies earlier because of the ruling coalition’s violating the Constitution and Ukrainian Law. The fact that the PR failed the elections couldn’t be the reason of its non-participation in the national parliament’s work”.

Kyrylenko is sure that if the PR makes such a decision it will not become a disaster. But he called upon the PR members for admitting the results of the parliament elections and working in the parliament opposition: “In turn, we pledge to adopt a law on the parliament opposition providing the PR ability to work efficiently in the parliament and fulfill these difficult duties. The law will be adopted during the first days of the parliament’s work”.


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