President Viktor Yushchenko charged Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych to hold negotiations on gas issue in Moscow. Deputy head of President’s Secretariat Olexander Chaly stated that today at a briefing, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

Chaly informed that the President issued a correspondent decree and on this issue he works with the Government on level of directives. “Tomorrow Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych will leave for Moscow. Directives on gas are formed for him for tomorrow’s negotiations,” he said.

Chaly reminded that there is no national debt to “Gasprom” for Russian gas. He noted that “UkrRosEnergo” and “UkrGasEnergo” are not subjects of Ukrainian law. However, Chaly said that this is a question of corporate relations and it is under responsibility of Ukrainian Government that keeps negotiating with Russian Federation.

According to Chaly, it is not necessary to dramatize the situation and show emotions. “Ukraine is interested to fulfill the agreements and we will not apply sharp steps on this issue,” he said.


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