President Victor Yushchenko called the Party of Regions, BYuT and Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense to start negotiations aimed at stabilizing parliament and making relations between Ukraine’s government and opposition constructive, President stated that in scope of his visit to France.

“The three political forces bear ultimate responsibility for stabilizing, first of all, Ukrainian parliament. There is no model to make the Verkhovna Rada work in a normal manner without such a dialogue,” Yushchenko said.

Yushchenko said BYuT and Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense had won last Sunday'sparliamentary elections and could form a parliamentary majority but added that their opponents from the Regions Party were supported by lots of Ukrainians and therefore must not be ignored. He said the prime minister’s party could either block parliament or hold talks to ensure political stability.

The president said their talks would show what coalition Ukraine will have. “So I would like to ask those politicians that say they will never hold talks with their opponents to take their statements back and start negotiations,” he said.

The efficiency, stability and development of Ukraine’s parliament depend on these three political forces, he said.


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