This year’s dissolution of parliament in response tothe governing coalition’s attempt to form a constitutional majority through unconstitutional means should be a serious warning for those hoping to violate the constitution again to create a majority in Ukraine’s newly elected parliament, Viktor Baloha, President Viлtor Yushchenko’s top aide, said on Friday, President’s press office reports.

Baloha said the President’s statement on Wednesday had caused heated debate among experts and journalists. “I must note that it has been said already that some deputies may join this or that configuration of the majority. Such statements are made with unbelievable easiness and childish spontaneity and show that their authors do not know the Constitution,” he said.

He said coalition talksshould be rational and added that their purpose was to form a "strong tandem" between Ukraine’s new government and parliament on the basis of values and priorities. He said the country'slawmakersshould introduce rapid and effective changes in all areas of life and pass laws preventing political corruption and usurpation. He also suggested passing a law making political forces answer for their failure to keep electoral promises. Baloha said Yushchenko’s appeal to all rival camps to start coalition talks was dictated by the need to preserve political stability and the nation’s unity, adding that Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense, “as a recipient of the president’s political support, should play a leading role in implementing this directive.” “I cannot imagine decisions by Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense on the formation of a coalition and its government being in conflict with the president’s vision.”


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