Being in opposition will provide victory for Viktor Yanukovych at next presidential elections. Such opinion expressed political scientist Mykhaylo Pogrebinsky.

According to him, BYuT is a triumpher of elections and for society it will be a shock if Tymoshenko does not become a PM. He noted that the best variant would be coalition between PR and BYuT, but for today it is impossible.

Pogrebinsky considers that politicians from Party of Regions made a mistake, having agreed for early parliamentary elections.

According to him, now it is better for Party of Regions to be in opposition. He also considers that those who supported idea of elections must be removed from taking further decisions of the PR. According to him, it is easy to predict that Yanukovych may win next presidential elections. Pogrebinsky opined that grand coalition among PR, BYuT and OU-PSD will be a way to death for Party of Regions.

Pogrebinsky considers that PR must give possibility to BYuT and OU-PSD to form a coalition and give them possibility to ruin everything.

At the same time, PR member Mykhaylo Chechetov considers that constructive forces must form grand coalition together with party of regions. According to Chechetov, it is necessary to put aside party interests and to form grand coalition, following national interests.


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