If third political force joins the democratic coalition of the bloc Yulia Tymoshenko and the Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense bloc, the distribution of positions in the government will be reviewed. Head of the BYuT headquarters Olexander Turchynov has informed at today’s briefing.

Turchynov has noted that Yulia Tymoshenko is not against the membership of the bloc of Lytvyn in the democratic coalition. He has reminded that according to the earlier signed agreement between the BYuT and the OU-PSD, the positions in the government were foreseen to be distributed on 50/50 principle.

At the same time Turchynov has noted that the BYuT has not yet given the bloc of Lytvyn any staff propositions to enter the coalition.

According to Turchynov, the representatives of the bloc of Lytvyn should decide by themselves on what position they want to have in a new parliament.


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