Defeat of Party of Regions at early parliamentary elections and today’s attempts to form a coalition with “oranges” are a result of cooperation with American spin doctors led by Paul Manafort. Yury Boldyrev member of Party of Regions said that, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“Despite main consultants of Party of Regions led by Paul Manafort get money for their work, they ideologically serve American administration who aims to achieve “peace and friendship” between “oranges” and “blue-whites”,” he said.

“We have chosen improper strategy and tactics,” he added.

Moreover, representative of Party of Regions Yury Boldyrev noted that PR initiated referendum on giving Russian language the official status only after a drop in PR rating.

PR also admits that refusal from Russian slogans led to drop in rating and in such a way giving some part of votes to Communist party.

It is also notable that American spin doctors headed by Paul Manafort had been working not only for Party of Regions but also for “Our Ukraine”.

Boldyrev explained that American spin doctors divided for two teams. They wanted Party of Regions and “Our Ukraine” not to hold very aggressive political campaign towards one another. However, not only PR but also OU have lost votes.

As a reminder, PR denied the fact of its defeat and wrong tactic.


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