Leader of Socialist Party Olexander Moroz admitted defeat of his political force at elections-2007 and hopes for government formation headed by Yulia Tymoshenko. The ForUm reports, referring to SPU press service.

In particular, Moroz noted that elections are illegal and initiated by the President for subjective interests of some politicians.

Moroz noted that the matter does not concern the party but the whole society. “Society like a person learns from own experience. Experience must be gained. That’s why I would like Tymoshenko’s government to work at least for two years,” Moroz noted. “A year when it will blame former government for failures. And a year when there will be no one to be blamed for,” Moroz said, adding that a hope of electors that Tymoshenko as a PM will give something to society is the main disadvantage of our society and is a sign of its immaturity.


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