Political scientist Viktor Nebozhenko thinks that it is incorrect to consider Viktor Yushchenko’s statement as a demand to unite three political forces: PR, BYuT and OU-PSD.

According to Nebozhenko, completely different people voted for these three forces and such unity would be a betrayal from their side toward the electors.

He considers the President demonstrates European standards, having called all winners of elections upon democratic dialogue.

Moreover, Nebozhenko considers that by means of his statement President shows “who is the master” and reminds political forces that without taking into consideration of his opinion there will be no coalition.

In turn, political scientist Vadym Karasev considers that the President’s statement has nothing to do with formation either grand, or any other coalition. President’s address concerns beginning of negotiation process on formation of government and parliamentary coalition in order to find normal optimal variant of cooperation between majority and minority.

According to Karasev, it is some kind of test how political forces will react to necessity to find common ground for government formation. It is important that politicians not to refuse from compromise search.

As a reminder, yesterday Viktor Yushchenko said in his address that politicians have no right to waste time. “I expect PR, BYuT, OU-PSD and Lytvyn bloc to be wise and to make consolidation steps around national priorities. Political forces of new parliament must develop a model of cooperation of power and opposition," he stressed.

In turn, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych supported Yushchenko’s position on formation of parliamentary majority.

BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko declared that in case of formation of parliamentary coalition between Party of Regions and “OU-PSD” bloc, BYuT would better remain in opposition.


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