Presidnet of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko noted in his address that the political forces in the newly elected parliament must formulate a model of cooperation between the government and opposition on the basis oftheir common Ukrainian agenda. Yushchenko  thinks a coalition that will soon be formed should:
  1. adopt an economic program of the country’s development, stop price hikes and equalize and optimize the incomes of the citizens through market means. A new government should demonstrate new quality of social policy in the country;
  2. cancel legislative immunity and privileges;
  3. draft and adopt next year’s state budget and include the Ukrainian president’s social initiatives in it. I will not consider a budget in which the money from the abolishment of the privileges will not beused to increasesocial benefits;
  4. pass a package of anti-corruption bills and establish a national anti-corruption bureau. I stress that there will be one law for all;
  5. ensure the country’s energy security.

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