Ukraine’s snap parliamentary elections were democratic and confirmed the people’s convincing support for President Victor Yushchenko’s decision to dissolve parliament, his chief of staff, Viktor Baloha, said on Tuesday.

Baloha said Sunday vote had been held “peacefully and without excesses,while some incidents at a few polling stations were caused by errors and excessive emotions.” He said the elections had “vaccinated” Ukraine’s government against political corruption and disrespect for the constitution and added that foreign observershad endorsed it as fair, openand competitive.

Baloha said there had also been no provocations on Sunday, describing “panicky statements” by certain political parties about possible provocations as a “means to justify their imminent failure.”

He said the electionswere marred by attempts to “deform” the results of the people’s vote. “I believe that the Central Election Committee will ensure that the ballots are counted impeccably,” he said, adding that these elections, called to "cleanse" the country's government, cannotand must not be falsified, President’s press office reports, President’s press office reports.


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