Lytvyn bloc is astonished that now there are no elections results yet. Representative of Lytvyn bloc Viktor Pylypshyn said. According to him, Lytvyn bloc has precise information that in Kyiv results have been calculated already by 2.a.m.

According to parallel calculations of the elections results, made by Lytvyn bloc, in Kyiv Lytvyn bloc has 6.7-6.8% of votes.

He also noted that Lytvyn bloc is ready to negotiate with all political forces but the negotiations must be based on main program principles of Lytvyn bloc.

At the same time he did not answer the journalists’ question oo possible coalition, he noted that it would be announced after elections results.

He informed that the bloc leader Volodymyr Lytvyn will have a press conference concerning possible coalition formation after announcement of elections results.


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