On Thursday Kyiv’s mayor Leonid Chernovetsky addressed the political forces with the appeal not to turn the capital of Ukraine into the dump of political agitation. The press office of the Kyiv city State administration informs.

Chernovetsky has emphasized that the Kyiv authority has to restore parks and public gardens, to tidy streets from piles of litters after political meetings and demonstrations for the city’s own account.

He has stated “we will not sustain pickets, tents, and garbage”. He has emphasized that Kyiv citizens are tired of such politics, they want quit, stability and order on the streets.

“The Kyiv city State administration more than once has allocated means to clear up the Mariinsky park (park near the VRU – ed.), and these means could be spent on the renovation of a city school, but instead we have to clean the park again and again, to restore lawns and to plant bushes” Chernovetsky said.


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