Ihor Pukshyn, President Victor Yushchenko’s legal advisor and deputy head of his secretariat, held a press briefing on Wednesday, president's press office reported.

Pukshyn suggested dismissing the Constitutional Court of Ukraine after September 30 and said such a decision would help “reanimate” it. He said the Constitutional Court was "filled with conflicts and corruption scandals and guided by political, rather than legal, motives." He added that its judges were often prejudiced and called their performance ineffective.

Pukshyn saidthey had refused to open hearings to examine the constitutionality of the country’s parliamentary election law. President Yushchenko believes some of its articles limit the right of the citizens to vote and be electedin a free manner by banning those who cross the Ukrainian border three days before anelection from voting.

Pukshyn then said the president expected the National Commission for the Promotion of Democracy and the Rule of Law to draft laws aimed at reforming the national judiciary and the system of preliminary investigation.

He said the country “desperately needs” such reforms, adding that Ukrainian courts “could be guarantors of democracy and the observance of civil rights and freedoms.” He said it was important to "formulate an open model"of bringing judges to justice for deliberately illegal rulings.

Pukshyn addedthat the commission and then the National Security and Defense Council would soon consider a new concept to reform criminal justice and expressed confidence it would be approved by President Yushchenko.


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