President Viktor Yushchenko is confident this week’s parliamentary elections are a real chance for Ukraine to change life for the better and get the first democratic majority since 1991. The President said that yesterday in Sumy region during video conference.

“I am a big optimist. I am convinced Ukraine will offer Europe the most modern continental policy. We have unique opportunities and wonderful chances but we have lacked one thing all these years – we have had no patriotic and democratic majority in Ukraine’s parliament for sixteen years. I am convinced September 30 may be the first day in the history of Ukraine when our chances are implemented,” he said.

According to the President, these elections are one more mechanism to resolve Ukraine’s political crisis.

He saidthe democratic forces “will ensure the implementation of the wonderful Ukrainian prospects.”

President Victor Yushchenko has no doubt Ukraine will soon have a democratic coalition but says the country’s democratic forces face many challenges. “When we are speaking about the election campaign, I am offended by the continuation of those big mutual attacks among the democratic forces,” he said during a regional teleconference in Sumy on Tuesday.

He said coalition talks should not become a “discussion about how to distribute posts.” “As a voter, I demand my government formulate right national priorities and implement them. I do not care who will assume this or that governmental post. I want a government which has national priorities in its heart,” he said, according to president’s press office.


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