The government of Viktor Yanukovych is responsible for holding this week’s parliamentary election in a transparent and honest manner, President Viktor Yushchenko said yesterday in Sumy region, according to president's press office.

“I would like to repeat personally for Viktor Yanukovych and other political colleagues that the cabinet is personally responsible for holding honest, transparent and democratic elections. This is not only my mission, this is the prime minister’s mission as well,” he said during a regional teleconference in Sumy on Tuesday.

Yushchenko said he was surprised the premier oftenspokeabout possible falsifications. “Why is Yanukovych speaking about falsifications at every rally? Because he has planned such falsifications,” he said.

The President said governing coalitions all over the world traditionally called fresh elections to confirm their mandate. He added that Yanukovych should prove in court there are plans to rig the September 30 poll.“Let’s speak through the law, let’s not intimidate the people,” he said, adding that it was incumbent on all political forces to ensure that the Sunday vote is honest.

He said his ambition to hold the election democratically and prevent vote rigging was the reason why he had opposed plans by certain political forces to hold national referendums on September 30.


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