President Viktor Yushchenko has attended a ceremony in Sumy on Tuesday to inaugurate an Olympic training center of the Ukrainian Banking Academy of the National Bank of Ukraine. He has said in a speech he is convinced Ukraine’s democratic forces will make their country prosperous. “I am deeply convinced that Ukraine’s future can be written and ensured only by the democratic forces,” he has said, urging the Sumy community to come to the polls on Sunday and make a wise choice. “Ukrainian democracy is reviving today, so be loyal to your will,” President’s press office reports.

“I will never tell you who to support because I am the President ofthe free State and you are – and this is the most important thing – Ukraine’s free citizens. This is your choice and you are to decide for whom to vote. This is your right to elect this or that political force. I believe in this right, I trust this right and I will accept any choice you make.”

According to Yushchenko, this week’s parliamentary elections is a “chance for our country to change life for the better” but calls on the nation to learn a lesson from the country’s recent history. He has said the strength of Ukrainians is in their unity to preserve Ukraine’s integrity and promote the rule of law.

The President then has urged the democrats to unite: “Stand together under one wing. Democracy has always lost alone. It is sad that somebody’s ambitions can outweigh solidarity.”

“Care for the democratic movement. Politics is not something remote. It is what can interfere with your daily life with pension benefits, salaries, stolen words, lies and corruption. Non-democracy deprives the nation of energy and opportunities, especially economic and social chances,” he has told city's residents.


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