People’s deputy of Ukraine of the fifth convocation Dmytro Vydrin considers that the majority of people come to new “maydans” not to fight for the idea, but to earn money. He told ForUm’s correspondent.

The People’s deputy has noted that there are special prices and they are known to everybody: “duty” on Maydan costs UAH 100-150 per day. It is known that there people who one day stand for “blue”, the second day – for “white”, and the third day – for “oranges”.

“To my mind, it is wonderful when people come to Maydan to fight for their ideas, but it is terrible when they come with the purpose to earn money. I have such suspicion that all people will come to Maydan only with the purpose to earn money. That’s why the commercialization of Maydan is one of the most upsetting things, which occurred in politics,” the People’s deputy said.

Vydrin has emphasized that the place on Maydan on September 28 will obtain those political party, which pay more. He has added that it will be a very good test and it becomes clear who has more money.


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