Paul Manafort, who had managed the political campaigns of the Party of Regions since 2005, was dismissed from the election headquarters. The reason of this is a drop in the party’s rating. Decline in rating (by 5-7%) was observed about ten day ago, according to UNIAN.

After such drop in rating, the PR headquarters took a final decision to dismiss the American political technologist. In particular, that time PR began to use political technologies concerning status of Russian language as the second state one, anti NATO rhetoric, statements on possible refusal to participate in elections. Moreover, Party of Regions began to set a huge stage in Maydan Nezalezhnosti. Besides, on September 21 the US Senate adopted a resolution in support of the orange revolution achievements in Ukraine. Paul Manafort is close to the USA Republican Party.

It is obvious that on the place of professional political technologists had to be a head of PR headquarters Borys Kolesnykov or some of his deputies. It is easier to blame for Party downfall and dismiss American political technologist instead of Kolesnykov that can mean some blaming to Akhmetov.

A group of American political technologists under management of Paul Manafort started its work in Party of Regions headquarter by invitation of Rinat Akhmetov in autumn 2005. Paul Manafort is known as participant of election campaigns of 80s in countries of Africa and Philippines.


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