Ukraine’s PM Viktor Yanukovych considers that authorities in Kherson regions deal with politics but not with the problems of people. He said that today during the meeting in scope of his visit to Kherson region.

“Local authorities work for themselves but not for people. Instead of doing politics it is necessary to deal with people’s problems, to prepare for winter, for spring-filed works, to deal with housing and communal services,” Yanukovych said. He also considers that authorities of Kherson region keep from solving problems on prices growth.

“All those populists, who get power, do nothing, they are only land looting,” he added.

In turn , mayor of Tsyuryupinsk city Anna Hrybovska called people to vote for Party of Regions.

“We have already known how to work with this Government, that’s why I call you to come to elections on September 30 and to make your deliberate choice,” she said.

She argued necessity to vote for Party of Regions by achieved agreement with Yanukovych’s Government on allocation of UAH 2 million from budget 2008 for modernization of cleaning constructions in the city.


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