“If the Party of Regions speaks of possible falsifying then let them say who, where and how prepares them," - the head of the OU – PSD political council Vyacheslav Kyrylenko stated at the press conference in Lutsk, the OU-PSD press office reported.

“It’s just a nervous reaction of the PR and Yanukovych at the fact that their rating is falling. With the time they understand more and more clearly that their place is in the parliament’s opposition. And they don’t want to change their place at all. That’s why they speak of falsifying beforehand not naming any facts or names. In fact they hint that if the PR wins the elections are fair. But if it fails the elections are falcified,” he mentioned.

“In turn, we intend to hold transparent and fair elections. The OU – PSD Bloc doesn’t allow itself unfair competition," Kyrylenko emphasized.


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