People’s deputy of the fifth convocation Vasyl Kyselyov claims that the President has not once demonstrated the violation of laws and has ignored the Constitution. Kyselyov told ForUm’s correspondent.

The People’s deputy has noted that the President’s demands to make changed in to the laws, regulating the rights of local councils and administrations, in exchange for the affirmation by him the Prime Minister candidacy are unconceivable.

The People’s deputy has emphasized that if the President refuses to nominate the Prime Minister, proposed by the coalition, then the parliamentary majority according to the acting law on the Cabinet of Minister will have a right to nominate its candidacy, after that the VRU will affirm it.

“Yushchenko demonstrates once more that the laws are written not for him, and there is opposite slogan on the big board “The law is one for all”, but unfortunately not for our President,” Kyselyov stated.


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