Viktor Baloha, head of President Victor Yushchenko’s secretariat, said on Thursday yesterday’s statement by the Regions Party on its possible withdrawal from the ongoing election campaign and the consequent cancellation of this month’s parliamentary election was a sign of its weakness and showed that its members were “confused and desperate,” president's press office reported 

Baloha said the threat to quit the race ten days before the election was caused by their “catastrophically” declining popularity, particularly in the party’s eastern stronghold, Donbass, and lack of means to rig the poll.He thinks the purpose of the statement is to justify their imminent defeat and win over a few supporters.

Baloha said parties could voluntarily decide to either participate in elections or withdraw from them. He, however, added that the Yanukovych party’s withdrawal would “put an end to its political evolution” and would not be fair to those voters who had “delegated their right to make their hopes come true” to this political force.

Baloha said all participants of the campaign must now think about how to make the vote honest and transparent. “I hope all the political forces want to get real results of the ballot, results that will not be challenged or questioned. One thing that leaves no doubt is that the September 30 poll is as inevitable as the coming of a new day,” he said.


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