“I consider Yanukovych’s accusations towards governors on rising food prices in regions to be groundless," the OU – PSD leader Yuri Lutsenko said at his press conference in Lutsk, OU-PSD press service reported.

“It reminds me the statement of the Cabinet of Ministry saying that my actions should be prohibited for they destabilize the situation in Ukraine," he said.

“For example, I can’t imagine that Volodymyr Nalkovych [Volyn region governor – ed.] walks with a crow along Lutsk market and ‘destabilizes’ prices," Lutsenko stressed. He is sure that the situation with the prices appeared because “the government doesn’t struggle against contraband but on the contrary is interested in it”.

“Mafia rules in the state. The problem with the prices will not be solved if we just find a scapegoat. In times of Yanukovych’s government contraband flourished. The government interests only in building shadow schemes and no governor can prevent that," Lutsenko stressed.

“Ukraine needs a new power both in the parliament and the government to stop contraband," he added. 


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