Today Ukraine prepares not only for elections but also for falsifications. Olexander Moroz stated that during today’s VRU session, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“Today everything is done to admit elections invalid,” he said.

At the same time, Moroz is confident that after elections coalition will surely strengthen its positions.

According to Moroz, today’s session solves important issue: identification of provocateurs. “But provocateurs must be calmed – the parliament is valid and can adopt decisions, foreseen by the constitution,” he noted.

The speaker also noted that the President is a threat of the state and its structure. “Adventure with early elections is a threat of the whole Ukraine,” he stated.

Moroz stressed that he as a speaker and as a representative of the coalition is not indifferent to the fortune of Ukraine because for many years he made efforts in order power institution to correspond to democratic, independent and sovereign state. “And now all these efforts are thrown to the feet of one group who does not follow and obey Constitution and laws but only its conceptions,” he said.

Moroz asks everybody to repulse provocateurs who want to destroy Ukraine.


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