President Viktor Yushchenko is convinced Ukraine’s democratic forces will win this month’s parliamentary election and will then form a coalition, president's press office reported.

“I am deeply convinced, I have no doubt that the democratic coalition will win. The current tendencies say that the orange coalition, the democratic coalition, will win,” he told a press conference on Wednesday and added that he wanted to “constructively” cooperate with the country’s future opposition.

Yushchenko said the September 30 election “demonstrates democratic changes in our state.” “I want to demonstrate that Ukraine has adopted democratic political principles. … We have democratic instruments which show this is not an Asian country and that it candefend democratic gains even after that colossal usurpation masterminded by Yanukovych and Moroz in the Verkhovna Rada. Such things will never happen again,” he said.

He saidthat early elections were the “key democratic method” of resolving parliamentary or political crises and added that his mission was “to ensure together with the executive branch and political forces that the September pollis honest and transparent.”


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