“I challenge Mr. Yanukovych to debates during last two months to speak of the prices’ future taking into account that wheat and sunflower seeds have doubled their price. People want to know what the PoR thinks of that," the "OU – PSD" leader Yuri Lutsenko said during his visit to Minsky market in Kyiv.

He reminded about the open message to Mr. Yanukovych inviting to debates. “We have published it in the media and passed it to Yanukovych’s representatives. But he gives no response," according to "OU-PSD" press service. 

“Yanukovych’s rejection under any excuses we consider to be his fear. He hides behind skirts of his companions, and is not able to explain on his own why nothing can stop the prices’ dramatic increase," Lutsenko emphasized.

“My visit demonstrated that the prices had remained the same even after  Yanukovych’s statements on their decrease at the expense of the State reserve. Still the PoR’s commercials on stable prices continues to mesmerize public opinion," he mentioned.

“Yanukovych’s government doesn’t think of taking care of people. When the elections made them do that it turned that they didn’t know how, - the Bloc’s leader accented. – Regardless of the debates taking place or not the government needs to be changed.”


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