Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoly Hrytsenko stated that any initiatives of political forces concerning reformation of army and defense policy must be agreed with the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. He said that today in Rivne region.

“There is no and will never be an army of “Our Ukraine”, Party of Regions, BYuT or somebody else as well as there will be no military policy of OU, BYuT ,PR… There will be one Ukrainian army and defense policy,” he said.

“This defense policy can be realized only after its support by parliament, government and of course by the President as Supreme Commander in chief of Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Hrytsenko said.

He said that the majority of statements of political forces are groundless and they will not be realized. In particular such statements concern stop of conscriptions from January 1, 2008 and increase of money provision of lieutenants.

Hrytsenko noted that Yushchenko took responsibility to transform army to contract army by the end of 2010. It is very difficult task for the whole state

He noted that transformation of army to contract army from 2008 is a mere adventure and it cant be implemented.

Earlier Yulia Tymoshenko undertook from January 1, 2008 to cancel conscription to urgent military service and from 2009 to transform army into professional basis.


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