Neither Constitution, Budget Code, nor laws of Ukraine foresee such norm as “social initiatives of the President” and also do not have right of the President to demand introduction of any norms in budget. The Cabinet press office informed to ForUm.

According to article 116 of the Constitution of Ukraine, only Cabinet elaborates and realizes state programs of economic, scientific-technical, social and cultural development of Ukraine, as well as elaborates draft budget of state budget.

Draft budget made by the Governmentis basedon much more profound and significant social standards and guarantees than “social initiatives of the President” .

Social initiatives of the President do no have grounds of real recourses of economy and are great threat of misbalance of budget and break of macroeconomic stability.

The Government of Ukraine stresses one more that state budget can’t be a hostage of election processes. Bare populism of some political forces should not reflect on quality of state budget. The state budget must be realistic, balanced, fair and aimed at social-economic development of the country. It is precisely such budget, the Government proposes to society.

President’s Secretariat is not satisfied with draft budget 2008, approved by Cabinet this week. According to deputy head of President’s Secretariat Olexander Shlapak, those propositions by the President he announced not once in his letters, are partially included, but principle issues are out of draft budget 2008.


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