First vice PM of Ukraine Mykola Azarov considers that President’s Secretariat accusations of Cabinet in attempts to make raiding attacks on Ukraine’s enterprises are absurd. He said that yesterday evening on NTN TV channel, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

According to Azarov, “for me Secretariat does not exist. There is election headquarters of “Our Ukraine” under management of Viktor Baloha whose second job is a head of the President’s Secretariat.”

Commenting on President’s suspension of Cabinet’s resolution on privatization of “Odesa port plant” Azarov called it irresponsible decision.

“This decision is dictated by election tactic of this election headquarters, the head of which is Yushchenko – either the President or a leader of “Our Ukraine”. He is carrying out election campaign, holds tour through regions, makes open agitation, at the same time he is holding a position of the President,” Azarov said, (obviously having forgotten that the PM Yanukovych does the same-ed.).

At that Azarov noted that privatization of Odesa port plan was a constituent part of state budget.


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